Dreaming of the Country

Amanda Brook’s English estate is an impeccable coupling of barn and cottage quaintness with elegant decorum. The property is situated on the utterly idyllic Fargreen Farms and offers the quintessential charm of the English Countryside. Today we’re dreaming of these gorgeous grounds and beautiful interiors.


Blue is the warmest color

Today we are feeling blue; from Cobalt to Cerulean, Lapis to Azure, Indigo to Aegean and everything in between. There is a shade for every mood. Below are just a few inspirations that show you can never go wrong with blue.

clockwise from top: The Blue Room by Pablo Picasso, State bed for Hampton Court, Herefordshire 1968 and The Blue Room by Suzanne Valadon.

clockwise from top: The Blue Room by Pablo Picasso, State bed for Hampton Court, Herefordshire 1968 and The Blue Room by Suzanne Valadon.

A haven in Antigua

Tory Burch’s gorgeous home sits above a crystalline bay on the Caribbean Island of Antigua but the views from inside are what most caught our attention. Originally restored in the 1960’s the furniture was slipcovered in hand printed cottons and the beds adorned with floral canopies. The resulting “shabby chic” look is far more chic then shabby and we love the playful prints and patterns found throughout this dreamy pad.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 10.22.32 AM.png

Biological decorum: Spotlight on Lee Radziwill's Apartment

Lee Radziwill's impeccable taste is well documented. Her classic style and elegance extended beyond her wardrobe and her work as an interior designer showcases a penchant for the playful with striking prints, lithographs and paper lining the walls. This week we are especially inspired by Lee's own apartment and it's biological bent. 

Lee Radziwill's home in Manhattan 

Lee Radziwill's home in Manhattan 

Diana Vreeland: Bold Taste

Diana Vreeland, who over the course of her long career served as both fashion editor at Harpers Bazaar as well as Editor and Chief at Vouge, was a true original. Her aesthetic was provocative, eclectic and magnificently bold. She once said, in reference to the inspiration for her apartments interior, "I want my apartment to look like a garden: a garden in hell!”. This week we pay tribute to an icon and her singular style.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.11.07 PM.png

Crystal Healing

This week we've been feeling inspired by gems and geodes. These gorgeous crystalline structures and shades are grabbing our attention and reminding us the most beautiful creations are often natures own.  

images overlaid on our triple gem wallpaper in amaro  

images overlaid on our triple gem wallpaper in amaro  

West Coast really is the Best Coast

Beautiful skies, beaches and palm trees - there's a reason it's called the best coast after all. As the summer weather persists we're thinking of the pinks, blues and greens that are so characteristic of Los Angeles. These iconic shades are always cool even in the heat! We hope you are enjoying your summer, ideally by a pool. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.15.00 PM.png

Featured above is our Best Coast Wallpaper in Sunset 

If These Walls Could Talk

These walls have big personality. We just love a unique room that feels true to its inhabitants, and we think our papers bring the same kind of pop to any wall. We're daydreaming about the folks who live in these rooms and wishing we could have a chat with them about their style!

blog june 3.png

A Room With a View

We're all about walls that make a statement. We love pattern and color to spice up a room, but sometimes the best type of wall is totally clear– especially when it's coupled with a great view. Today we are thinking about the power of windows to bring nature right into your home. These picturesque windows all create their own kind of wallpaper effect, anchoring the room and adding depth to the space. 

blog june 2.png

An Inspiring Studio

This Mexico City studio, featured recently in the NY Times, is too dreamy. The photographer Graciela Iturbide commissioned her son to build her new studio, giving him only one condition: it be made of brick. Her son followed that direction closely, using four kinds of brick to make the structure. The result of the classic adobe color and the rich wood, lit by huge glass windows, is stunning. Our Dorado fabric would look right at home with this design scheme. We wouldn't mind working in here! 

blog inspiriing stuido.png

To the Max

We take our inspiration from all kinds of design and pattern trends, and today we are feeling maximalism! These oversized, colorful patterns show just how much wallpaper can transform a room. Whether or not you would put a pattern this bold in your home, we can all agree these rooms each have their own unique personality. 

blog jun. 1.png

HGTV Magazine

We are featured in HGTV's June magazine! Spot our Tapestry Wallpaper in Zuni accenting this design savvy Texas home.  Adam Talianchich and Ashley Menger build unique and beautiful homes for a living with their company Hatch Works, so it's not surprise that their house is so awesome. We're glad we could be a part of it. Thanks for the love, guys!

Japan Blue

Dreaming of Japanese indigo! As summer approaches here at our studio by the beach, we are craving the cool of this ocean blue. This indigo, typically known as "Japan blue," is achieved through a centuries old dying process called Ai-zome. Traditional stitching and dying techniques like shashiko and shibori add beautiful details to this richly colored fabric. 

blog aprl.png

Cavern in the Wild

Ever wonder what our wallpaper would look like in your home? Here are some awesome examples of Cavern wallpaper out in the world! Pictured below are stylings of our Tapestry pattern in Zuni. It's one of our best sellers and we think these rooms show why!


blog april .png

Introducing Dorado

Our new Dorado fabric is here just in time for spring and we couldn't be more excited! Featured below is Dorado in Sage, a cactus green on natural linen with tones that echo the desert after rain. Head to our shop to see two more color ways, Indigo and Peach.  

blog april.png

Statement Ceilings

Wallpaper is not just for walls! A beautiful paper is a great way to make a ceiling pop, and statement ceilings are taking off in 2018. In fact, according to Elle Decor, Pinterest pins for “statement ceilings” were up 310% this year. Here are some rooms that caught our eye...we'd love to see some Cavern papers on your ceilings! 

Seeing Green

Even though emerald is the birthstone for May, the upcoming month has us thinking all about green! We've got our eye on emerald accented interiors and home goods, reinventing a classic, opulent look with a modern edge in materials like velvet and marble. Another great way to luxe up a room with emerald? Our Triple Gem wallpaper in Jayasaro, featured below. 

blog feb4.png