Respecting Our Elders: Dorothy Draper

The more I read about Dorothy Draper the more I am fascinated by her -- both as an interior designers and also as an astounding lady.

Stylistically, she championed the Neo-Baroque style.  She became known for using splashy colors and dramatic features such as lacquered doors, elaborate moldings, black and white tiled floors, strong stripes, large mirrors, vibrant chintz.  Her color combinations were revolutionary at the time and still hold up today: turquoise blues, pinks, eggplant purple, chartreuse.  Fabulous.

As a woman, she seems to have oozed both sass and sensibility.  She became the first widely famous female interior designer.  A lover of travel and the enjoyment of quality life, she urged her followers to avoid the "will to be dreary," the passive attitude of "being resigned to life and terribly serious about it."


Her design mantra: "If something looks right, it is right."

Carleton Vanery, her protege, channels her aesthetic and has produced tremendous work of his own.

A few of my favorites in his fabrics/wall covering collection:

Learn more about Draper and Vanery, and check out products here.  Very inspiring!