Wallpaper History :: The Omega Group

I just discovered the Courtauld Gallery is currently running an exhibit on the Omega Workshops, one of the most intriguing groups of artists in the 20th Century -- or at least one of the most memorable from art history classes.

The Omega Workshop was a for-profit art collective founded in London in 1913 to connect avaunt-guard artists with a design-savvy market. The artists and mediums they worked in differed, but the products all shared a distinct bold style defined by vivid colors, graphic compositions, and a hand-made quality.  Critics now consider the movement a defining development in modern art.  I am particularly inspired by the way the workshop blurred the distinction between interior design, architecture, and fine art.

In several weeks Cavern will launch our new collection.  We stand on the shoulders of (crazy, bad-ass, artistic) giants!